Tribute, Deposit, & Store Payments

Princess Marx Slave Offers Tribute Money Financial Domination FinDom


Deposit: Required for all in-person bookings.

Remaining tribute: Must be presented in person, in an envelope. This is for your and My legal protection. Tribute must be out of sight.



First-time senders

DeliveryCode: Select "Send a Cash Gift" (see picture) and add 15% for their processing fee.

Bitcoin is accepted via Coinbase.

Amazon Gift Cards are accepted on a case-by-case basis.


Established clients & slaves

You may be granted alternate tribute methods ONLY if you have a consistent record of making tribute collection easy for Me.

Anonymous Electronic Delivery

Discretion and your privacy are of the utmost importance to Me. I am a privacy NINJA. I also have an incentive to protect your privacy - doing so allows Me to continue collecting tribute from you.

A discreet, non-kinky address is available for anonymous tribute. This address:

Is completely anonymous and inconspicuous

Is not linked to ANY adult content or accounts

Will never be published anywhere

Changes periodically to ensure it never becomes linked to adult activity

Contact Me for details.

Cash (requires you to go to a store)

Use cash to purchase a Visa/MasterCard gift card at any grocery store, pharmacy (CVS etc.), convenience store, etc. Then send Me pics of the front & back of the card itself.

The giftcard you buy must be a VISA/MasterCard giftcard.

If you plan to buy a giftcard with cash, the very soonest W/we can session is 2-3 days from your initial contact. The speed with which you procure the giftcard will be the main factor in determining how soon W/we meet.

Why do cash giftcard tributes take longer?

It really all comes down to how quickly you procure the card.

Day 1: you reach out to Me about a session with your availability

Day 1: I reply with My availability

Day 2-4 (it's on you): you make time to: 1) go to the store 2) purchase a gift card 3) send Me pics of the card.

Day 2-4: I receive pics & verify the card. I then begin making arrangements for O/our session. They take 24-48 hrs, and I won't begin making them until I have your deposit in hand.

Day 3-5: W/we meet.




Discretion and privacy are of the utmost importance to Me.

  1. I'm a privacy NINJA.
  2. I have an incentive to protect your privacy - doing so allows Me to continue collecting tribute from you.
  3. All of My tribute/deposit methods have anonymous options.


With several professional pursuits, Princess' time is limited. To ensure She is not holding a spot for you in vain, you must demonstrate your sincerity and commitment with a symbolic deposit.


The deposit:

  • Is required for all scheduled/in-person bookings
  • Can be completely anonymous
  • Counts toward your tribute
  • Is 75/hr, or 50% for sessions over 4 hours
  • Should be *initiated* at least 2 days before our session (see below)
  • Must be *in my hands* within the first 8 emails and at least 24hrs before O/our session

Why this policy?

  1. Apart from arranging My schedule so that it can accommodate our meeting, I may also need to reserve (and put a deposit toward) a play space, take care of beauty needs, etc. Having a demonstration of your sincerity lets Me know I can move forward, without concern, with the trouble of doing so.
  2. There are people out there who go so far as to discuss specific dates, times, and locations, without ever intending to meet up. These idiots get off on emailing back and forth - it's a free substitute for cybersex they'd normally have to pay for. If a Domme is so foolish as to rearrange existing engagements before she has a deposit in hand, she loses out not only on the session these timewasters pretended to want, but also on the engagement she rescheduled. (Not to mention that these losers waste our precious time with back-and-forth emails.)

Therefore, I ask for a token of your sincerity.

What if I need to reschedule?

  • If you need to reschedule, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance in order to apply your deposit to a future session.
  • If you need to reschedule a session over 4 hours, you must do so at least 7 days in advance in order to apply your deposit to a future session.


Tribute is a donation for My time only. I guarantee no specific plays, but always take your interests into consideration. Ultimately, do not forget that you are serving ME.

Shopping. Tribute for a shopping date does not include the cost of the items W/we purchase. you are tributing for the honor of being in My presence.

Surcharge. Certain kinds of play requiring effort or preparation beyond the usual scope, either before or after the session (e.g. latex, messy/food play, sploshing/crushing/vore, farting, extremely smelly feet, etc.), may require additional tribute in light of the amount of preparation and effort required.