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New Teaser Video!

I am so deeply proud of this latest collaboration with Fetigraph. It’s been in the works for a few months now, and we’ve put together a little sneak preview to delight and tease you. A slower, longer version is coming soon! In the meantime, enjoy – and make sure you go fullscreen 😉

JANUARY 18: Footnight Los Angeles & Awards Ceremony

Princess Marx

It’s time for another Footnight Los Angeles!

Footnight Los Angeles

Thursday Jan 18th


Downtown Los Angeles, CA


Curious about Me? Yearn to know what I look like?

Come out to Footnight! 🙂

Tickets are $50-$65. 

It’s a fantastic party with not only Me, but about 40-50 other Dominas and foot models.

Free catered food, free soft drinks, and BYOB.

Fan art of Princess Marx by @darnell_datdude_skribbles

Fan art of Princess Marx by Darnell Skribbles


JAN 19: EYES WIDE SHUT Multi-Mistress Play Party


Spend an evening at what has become LA’s most coveted and exclusive Multiple Mistress/slave party. Step into another world ruled by an array of distinguished Dominas and illustrious guests. Here, you are subject to Our every whim and desire….with an all-star lineup, you’ll never run out of ways to prove your submission.

  • Admission price is roughly the same as for a single session – fabulous way to meet a number of Dommes and make further decisions about who you’d like to play with. Tips are not required, but are appreciated.
  • Wanna be a special toy and serve Me for the evening? If you desire to be paraded around in public like My property, Contact Me now to politely request the pleasure of My company.

Friday, Jan 19, 2018

9:00 PM – 1:00AM

All-Star Line-Up

Location: Isabella Sinclaire’s IVY MANOR – Downtown LA



  • When purchasing your ticket, you should specify you are there to serve Princess Marx.
  • Mistress to slave ratio averages 1:1 with a maximum 1:2, PLAY IS GUARANTEED.
  • How do I get paired up with a Mistress? What if there is someone I wish (or do not wish) to play with? You will have a second opportunity to make a request during the check-in process before you join the party.

If you are interested in meeting/playing with a particular Mistress, make a good first impression by bringing a bottle of wine or champagne as a token of your appreciation.

Or, if the Mistress prefers (and Princess Marx does), send a tribute to Her, personally, ahead of time. 


“One of the most popular, sought-after foot models on the Internet” – Steve Savage, CEO, Footnight International



  • MIAMI Nov 27-28 
  • ATLANTA Nov 27-30 
  • TAMPA Nov 30-Dec 3 
  • BOSTON Dec 5-8



  • DENVER Oct 2-4 
  • SAN FRANCISCO + San Jose Oct 22-24
  • SEATTLE Oct 25-28
  • NEW ORLEANS Oct 29-31

When not traveling, Princess Marx is based in Los Angeles.

* Pre-book only. Deposit required.
* Select clients only. Priority given to longer sessions.
* Studs available – additional notice & tribute


Princess Marx is the 2016 Footnight International “Most Fascinating and Captivating Model” award recipient, and was named a Top Humiliatrix by Princess Kali.

If a slave can’t be useful, it should at least be entertaining.
I’m a sadist with range. I particularly enjoy ballbusting (my favorite), bondage, foot worship, corporal punishment [the singletail and cane are My specialty), sissies, CBT, cuckolding, shopping, and tributed dates and cashmeets.
Typically the only sensual sessions I offer are foot worship, but all My sessions involve some element (however small) of sensuality. 
I pride Myself on My professionalism, and don’t suffer fools.
My usual style, when it isn’t just plain cruel, is playfully mocking. 

I recently recorded two ballbusting videos with famous Italian art critic, lawyer, and budding pornographer, Andrea Dipre. 

Politely request the pleasure of My company here.

KinkWeekly’s “Ask a Dominatrix”: On Cock and Ball Toture

It’s time for another installment of my advice column on KinkWeekly! Do you have a burning question you’d like us to answer? Email
This week on “Ask a Dominatrix”…
My boyfriend likes to be dominated, and I’m pretty new to it but I’ve been trying out a few things.  Tying him up, teasing him, spanking, clamps are all super fun.  Yesterday he asked me if I would do “cock and ball torture” on him.  I’ve been reading up and it sounds pretty intense – I’m worried I might cause some damage, particularly if I hit or kick him in the nuts.  Are you able to give me any advice about trying this out?
My answer:
Dear Future Genitorturess,

As a notorious ballbusting enthusiast, this is one of my favorite questions! The reality is, those little suckers (balls) can take a lot more abuse than you think! Just search for the video of me kicking Andrea Dipre in the nuts wearing shoes with full 1-inch metal spikes on the toebox! 
Of course, Andrea is an experienced (and motivated) ballbusting recipient, and we’ve known each other long enough to be able to do that. We’re both practicing RACK – risk-aware consensual kink. 
So, on that note, here are a few things I recommend – and some of these apply to *any* BDSM play:
1) Know thyself, and your partner. You must have trust, and you must be able to monitor & gauge your partner’s reactions while playing. If your boyfriend specifically asked for it, chances are, it’ll be VERY clear to you when he’s enjoying himself, and when he isn’t – just make sure you’re paying attention. Go slowly and build intensity, and with time, you’ll know you partner well enough to skip ahead to the fun parts more quickly 🙂
2) Have a safeword, at least while you’re still experimenting. Once you’re both more comfortable, you can even move away from using a safeword.
I’m a fan of pushing boundaries with playpartners when there is mutual trust, but you have to both be on that page – use both your spideysense and explicit verbal communication to decide when and how far you can push.
3) Circulation (or the loss thereof) is one of the biggest concerns. If you notice swelling, or a loss of sensation or color, immediately loosen the bondage or cease activity. If it doesn’t get better, seek urgent professional help. Of course, with time, you’ll learn how much your partner can take without ever getting to that point.
4) Tension is the other area of high concern. Tying the testicles to a fixed point for prolonged periods risks torsion or rupture, particularly if your partner has a quick reaction to something and is being held by the testes. Being tied to weights for long periods carries similar risks. 
5) Take breaks. Give your partner a break every 20-30 minutes, or as needed, to alleviate pressure, tension, and circulation.
6) Always keep safety materials on hand – in particular, safety shears (the kind with the rounded, rather than pointed, tips). At about $5 on average, they’re one of the best safety investments even in vanilla practice.
7) Beware of squeezing anything too hard, at least until you know what your partner enjoys – and as you get to know them, you’ll also learn what they can take, and when you can push them a bit. 
8) Blood is a pathogen. You probably already have some sort of mutual understanding on body fluids with your boyfriend, but remember that there are diseases that aren’t transmitted sexually, but can be transmitted via blood contact. 
9) Remember: Google is your friend. No list I write in a Q&A format can ever be exhaustive enough, so PLEASE do yourself a favor and google this a little more before starting play.
10) Last, but perhaps most importantly, HAVE.FUN!!! The great joy of a D/s dynamic is getting to do things that are normally considered taboo. We’re all supposed to be very nice and polite to each other IRL; the joy of BDSM is that you get to fuck with that. 
I think that’s probably why ballbusting is my all-time favorite BDSM activity: I’m (shockingly!) actually a nice person IRL, and would never kick someone without consent (although some people really deserve it..). In play, we get to do those things to people with not only their permission, but with their desire. There’s even a band called The Genitorturers!

AUGUST 24: Footnight in the Valley! Grand Opening

Princess Marx


It’s time the Grand Opening of Footnight San Fernando Valley!

Footnight in the Valley

Thursday August 24th


Van Nuys, CA


Curious about Me? 

Yearn to know what I look like?

Come out to Footnight! 🙂

Tickets are $40-$65. 

It’s a fantastic party with not only Me, but several other Dominas and world-famous foot models.

Free catered food, free soft drinks, and BYOB.

Fan art of Princess Marx by @darnell_datdude_skribbles

Fan art of Princess Marx by @darnell_datdude_skribbles

My Pro-Domme Origin Story


Princess Marx is a lifelong kinkster. Her first kinky thoughts came to her in prepubescence, and depicted unequivocally Female Supremacist power dynamics with Warrior Goddess/Queen overtones (without genuflection to religion or monarchy). They were also decidedly queer, and involved both giantesses and dolls.

Beleaguered by the expectations placed on the “good girl”/”golden child” in her native (non-Soviet) Slavic home country, she kept her kinks and sexuality hidden through childhood and her teenage years.

However, upon reading Dossie Easton’s The Ethical Slut at the end of college, she freed herself of the golden cage of sexual and gender conformity, and became known among her friends then (and thereafter) as an emancipator of sexuality, leading a group of straight-identifying besties at her Ivy League undergrad to come out as sexually- and gender-queer.

Pro-Domme Origins

Read more

New Column: KinkWeekly’s “Ask a Dominatrix:” Sub or Bottom?

I was recently asked to contribute to KinkWeekly‘s regular advice column called “Ask a Dominatrix” with my good friend Lucy Khan. I’ll be posting these regularly.

Do you have a burning question you’d like us to answer? Email!


I am a long time kinkster, and I’m interested in trying out a session with a pro-Domme (having mostly topped in the past).  I’m very interested in being restrained in bondage along with teasing, sensation play and experimenting with mild pain.  I’m not really “submissive” though – the thought of being talked down to, humiliated or given commands is a turn off.  From looking at many pro Domme’s web sites and social media feeds, it seems like many really believe in female supremacy and expect their clients to treat them accordingly.  Are there any pro Dommes that can offer more of a tailored  play experience without me needing to grovel etc.  If so, how can I find them?

My Answer:

The vast majority of trained, experienced, and above all, *professional* players should be able to help you. Although many of us express a preference for a specific kind of scene or interaction, most of us are trained as fantasy facilitators who are able to wear many hats and play a multitude of roles.

I emphasize the word “professional” on purpose. One of the cornerstones of professionalism in any field is competence. In this case, this means competence in the plethora of skills expected of a full-service BDSM provider. Perhaps you can use this distinction in your evaluation of each Domme: use your judgment to discern what’s mere “fantasy talk” (which comprises much of what’s on people’s websites – and remember, these are our fantasies, too), and someone’s level of BDSM skill and professionalism.

Secondly, consent & communication are cornerstones of BDSM (unless consensual non-consent is explicitly agreed to ahead of time). You shouldn’t have to experience anything in a scene that you specifically said you’re NOT into. Every professional will respect that if you communicate it, and every non-professional should, too.

I’d recommend you contact a few Dommes/providers, communicate your wishes/concerns to each of them, and see how they respond. Then you can have your pick. Most likely, all of them will say, “No problem.” A scene is, at the end of the day, a negotiated interaction.Remember to respectfully communicate your needs, and always use your judgment.

Good luck & good whippings!
~ Princess Marx