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As a Luxury Dominatrix in Los Angeles, Princess Marx is a strict Discipline & Devotion Enthusiast.

She identifies as a Female Supremacist, and is a Foot Fetish Model, Humiliatrix, and Sex Educator.

If you seek the elite, seek no more.

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Exotic, elegant, intellectual. An extreme of many subjective things: one of the prettiest, one of the brightest, one of the strictest. Yet, though I am a cruel and sadistic Queen thirsty for your pain and sacrifice, I am an educator and humanist – and reveal My understanding side to those who deserve it.

While I may be the prettiest Domme you’ve met (with the prettiest feet you’ve ever seen), My being a Woman *alone* ought to be sufficient for your submission.

All men should bow down to all Women.


How I became a Dominatrix (Philosophy)

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What’s in a name?

> Authentic Domination vs Careful Curation: Not your usual, commercial domination experience

LIFESTYLE. I am a lifestyle Domme and Female Supremacist. I don’t hang up My Domme hat when I end a scene, and I spend as little time as possible with men who claim to be Dominant.

Even in My corporate vanilla career, I have managed to make the boys around Me fall into place exactly as I want them to. In the bedroom, even My bulls behave the way I tell them to. Of course, they are selected partly because they have a desire to please Me. Call it a gift.

PHILOSOPHY. I aim to deepen your already profound reverence for Women. If you’ve come here, chances are, you’re already drinking the FemDom Kool-Aid, but My goal is to make you realize your place *beyond* a mere sexual fetishism. 

You will enter a world where Women rule, and men serve – the true place men are meant to inhabit. This last sentence is more portentous than you may realize.

STYLE. I delight in discussion as much as I do in play – stimulating all parts of the body (including the brain) is crucial. I am intellectually fascinated by kink and fetish, yet eager to indulge My sadistic side without overthinking it…for the moment, anyway. (The time for reflection always comes.) I was fortunate and hardworking enough to attend an Ivy for college, but at the end of the day, we’re all human – and what matters is how we treat each other.

PERSONALITY. Among friends and fans, I am known for a willingness to subvert power structures, so My belief in Female Supremacy doesn’t surprise anyone who knows Me. With a healthy dose of anti-establishmentarianism (Queer, brat, nerd, and hot), I am patriarchy’s worst nightmare – and your greatest hope to rise above the tragic hand nature dealt you at birth.

ORIGINS. Please check your cliched cultural fetishisms as you read this. I hail from a once-Utopian Slavic country in Mediterranean Europe. With residence in 5 countries and countless international visitations, I arrive at this stage in life well-rounded, well-heeled, and well-educated — though neither upbringing nor education necessarily imply the possession of an intellect or critical thinking.

LOOKS. I’ve got exotic, elegant model looks, but who cares? I have a vagina.


A bossy Bitch with both beauty and brains, I am an understanding and cultured Cunt. To fetishists and submissives I select, I offer My understanding and (or) My delight in punishment. 

I invite you to respectfully enter My world.

*Note to all My gender-thinkers & tinkerers: I hate using cis-specific terms here since I never felt particularly cis-gendered and I identify as  genderf*ck/genderqueer. However, “I have a vagina” just packed (if you will) more punch than “I’m a woman.” If you have suggestions, I’m open.