Princess Marx


Princess by day, Princess by night. 

Originally from Eastern Europe, I aim to deepen your already profound reverence for Women. You will enter a world where Women rule, and men serve, and you will be taught your true place – the place men are meant to inhabit. This last sentence is more portentous than you may realize:  If you’ve come here, chances are, you’re already drinking the FemDom Kool-Aid, but My goal is to bring your submissiveness to levels you thought improbable.

I am well-traveled, well-rounded, and well-educated (though education does not necessarily imply the possession of an intellect or critical thinking). I have a healthy dose of anti-establishmentarianism: Queer, brat, nerd, and hot, I am patriarchy’s (and your) greatest hope and worst nightmare. And I’ve got model looks, but who cares? I have a vagina.

Our sexualities are infinite playgrounds where W/we get to explore both O/our histories (the real) and O/our futures (the imagined). I was unaware for years that the things I had been doing were the traits of a Dominant Woman, and I faced both struggles and triumphs as a result. 

These personal politics have always influenced My sexuality. Doing something other than what My instincts told Me to do has always felt wrong. Once I found the words, the names, and the language for the ways I had always behaved and reasoned, a whole new world opened up for Me. I invite you to respectfully enter this world.



*Note to all My transfolk and gender-thinkers & tinkerers: I hate using cis-specific terms here since I never felt particularly cis-gendered and I identify as  genderf*ck/genderqueer, but using “I’m a woman” instead of “I have a vagina” just didn’t pack (if you will) the same punch. If you have suggestions, I’m all ears.