“One of the most popular, sought-after foot models on the Internet”

– Steve Savage, Founder & CEO, Footnight International

Based in Los Angeles and Boston – but traveling frequently – Princess Marx is a formally trained professional Dominatrix. 

Princess Marx is a lifelong kinkster. Her first kinky thoughts came to her in prepubescence in her native Europe. They involved giantesses and dolls, were genuinely queer, and depicted unequivocally Female Supremacist power dynamics, at times with Goddess/Queen overtones (yet without genuflection to religion or monarchy).

Princess Marx has the dubious distinction of an Ivy League education and a professional resume that consists largely of the Ivies.

In 2007, she met her would-be FemDomme inspiration, Princess Kali, at a university in Boston, and fantasized about becoming a Pro-Domme for the next 6 years.  

In 2013, upon moving to Los Angeles, Princess Marx finally charged full steam ahead with professional domination. She trained with the legendary Mistress Cyan, and has since had the privilege of both friendship and mentorship from some of the world’s most regarded Dominas.

Princess Marx has spoken at conferences, workshops, podcasts, and university classrooms, with decades of formal study and personal experience as the foundation. She has advised university professors, C-level executives, attorneys, physicians, and even some celebrities and politicians, on BDSM, kink, healthy relationships and sexuality, and what she calls “the reclamative justice of Female Supremacy.”

As a performer, Princess Marx has graced audiences at mainstream concerts, swanky private events, fundraisers, benefits, and large-scale performance events.

She’s even had a Kentucky-bred race horse named after her.

Princess Marx was awarded the 2016  “Most Fascinating and Captivating Model” award by Footnight International, and was named a Top Humiliatrix by Princess Kali.

The rest, as they say, is herstory.

Princess Marx insists on the Oxford Comma.



Beleaguered by the expectations placed on the “good girl”/”golden child” in her native (non-Soviet) Slavic home country, she kept her kinks and sexuality hidden throughout her childhood and teenage years.   

However, upon reading Dossie Easton’s The Ethical Slut at the end of college, she freed herself of the golden cage of sexual and gender conformity, and became known among her friends then (and thereafter) as an emancipator of sexuality, leading a group of straight-identifying besties at her Ivy League undergrad to come out as sexually- and gender-queer.

Pro-Domme Origins

Soon after this epiphany, Princess Marx shed the chains of polite activism. In 2007, she met her would-be FemDomme inspiration, Princess Kali, at a university in Boston.

Kali’s particular brand of femdom – Female Supremacy – immediately resonated with Princess Marx, and she began exploring its professional aspect tepidly while continuing her work at the university. She enthusiastically embraced, however, a politics that prioritized the needs of Women and genderqueer people over the needs of cis-men. Female Supremacy echoed nascent ideas Princess Marx had been developing in college, including:

  1. A refusal to apologize for demanding primacy (supremacy) for Women and genderqueer persons, and
  2. A politics that deliberately ignores cis-men’s all-consuming insistence on the primacy of their sexuality (and the positioning of Women and other genders as the objects of that sexuality).

(Ironically, of course, the objects of desire in commercial FemDom are still, by and large, Women, and commercial FemDom is still, by and large, the realm of men’s fantasies – but perhaps that’s the nature of commerce.)

First Explorations

Princess Marx’s first slave came soon after meeting Princess Kali – in the form of a fastidious, studious, and clearly ambitious young man who had already been courting Princess Marx (unsuccessfully) for 3 years in the hopes of dating her, never having met her in person. 

It was made clear to him he needed to dispel any and all hope of ever “making it” with Princess Marx, and he was finally allowed to meet her – but only on the condition that he become her slave. And so he did. (Shrewd potential submissive/slave/client candidates should consider the weight of this anecdote in their approach.)

Over the next 6 years, Princess Marx continued her femdom practice in the lifestyle – taking classes, doing lots of reading, attending conferences and play parties, as well as the occasional professional play party or session – before embarking on her journey of fulltime professional domination in 2013. 

To select fetishists and submissives, she offers her understanding and her delight in punishment. 

She invites you to respectfully enter her world.