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“One of the most popular, sought-after foot models on the Internet”

– Steve Savage, Founder & CEO, Footnight International

Based in Los Angeles and Boston – but traveling frequently – Princess Marx is a classically trained professional Dominatrix. 

A born-and-raised Eastern European (non-Soviet) import, Princess Marx towers at 5’8″ barefoot, and at least 6 feet tall with shoes. She has the dubious distinction of an Ivy League education, and a vanilla career that consists solely of Ivies and big-name companies.

Princess Marx is fluent in 4 languages, conversational in/reads 5 others, and has lived in 6 countries on 4 different continents. (She also recommends you remember there’s more to Eastern Europe than the USSR. Princess Marx does not appreciate conflation.)

Princess Marx’ first kinky thoughts came to her in prepubescence, and depicted unequivocally Female Supremacist power dynamics with Warrior Goddess/Queen overtones (without genuflection to religion or monarchy). They were also decidedly queer.

In 2007, Princess Marx met her would-be FemDom inspiration, Princess Kali, at a university in Boston, and herself fantasized about becoming a Pro-Domme for the next 6 years.  

In 2013, upon moving to Los Angeles, Princess Marx charged full steam ahead with this dream. She trained with the legendary Mistress Cyan, and has since had the privilege of both mentorship and friendship with some of the world’s most regarded Dominas.

With decades of formal study as well as personal experience as foundation, Princess Marx has spoken at conferences, workshops, university classrooms, and podcasts, and has advised C-level executives, university professors, attorneys, physicians, and celebrities, on BDSM, kink, healthy relationships, sexuality, and what she calls “the reclamative justice of Female Supremacy.”

As a performer, Princess Marx has graced audiences at concerts, private events, fundraisers, benefits, and large-scale performance events.

She’s even had a Kentucky-bred race horse named after her.

Princess Marx was awarded the 2016  “Most Fascinating and Captivating Model” award by Footnight International, and was named a Top Humiliatrix by Princess Kali.

The rest, as they say, is herstory.

Princess Marx insists on the Oxford Comma.


To select fetishists and submissives, she offers her understanding and her delight in punishment. 

She invites you to respectfully enter her world.